Contact Miss Cathy at our preschool at (719) 510-6738 to speak with us about your child's needs.

You want and deserve the best for your child. At Happy Hands Early Learning Academy, we have your and your child's interests at heart. With a low child to caregiver ratio, we are able to provide the right amount of attention, guidance, and security.

Welcome to our PRESCHOOL!!!

Happy Hands Early Learning Academy is a warm and welcoming, community-minded preschool. Providing a comfortable and stimulating environment, we encourage children to explore and learn through play. Our goal is to help you by providing the rich environment your child needs to thrive.

We are a play-based, child-led environment. That doesn't mean it's a free for all! We provider structure and guidance, and grab those teachable moments. We offer an environment rich with learning opportunities. We run with the children's interests and build on their ideas. We promote positive social skills, and teach them how to work things out and be a good friend. They ARE learning.
Let them play.

HHELA Kids Club is a school age program for before and after care, and care during school breaks. We love to explore, discover, and enjoy being a kid.

Caring for Your Children as If They Were Our Own